Gentle Yoga Poses
6 Gentle Yoga Poses for Extreme Weight Loss

You might be wondering how a few breathing techniques along with gentle yoga poses can shed off those extra pounds. The truth is that when yoga is combined with healthy eating habits, you can lose weight, and can have a healthy mind and body.

But how exactly does it work? Practicing yoga is an art. You can practice a few gentle yoga posesfor a start and when you are comfortable, can level up your practice with hard yoga poses. Practicing fitness yoga is a perfect choice if you want to lose some extra weight. Read below to know which yoga poses might be suitable for you.

Gentle Yoga Poses to Help You Lose Weight

Plank Pose

It is a great pose of yoga for weight loss. A simple looking pose with tremendous benefits is here to strengthen your core muscles, and helps in tightening the loose core area. While practicing plank pose, you feel a burn in your abdominal muscles resulting in burning the layer of fat accumulated on your body. Moreover, it also makes your shoulders more stable, and result in better neck support.

Downward Dog Pose

You can tone your whole body with this pose, in addition to a little extra attention to some specific muscles. The pose helps in strengthening the arms, hamstring, thighs, and back muscles. It rushes fresh blood into the muscles, and concentrate on the improvement in blood circulation. With an easy stance for you, it is a very gentle yoga pose fit for your yogic journey. Also, it re-aligns your spine to its natural curve.

Shoulder Stand

You can strengthen your shoulders and upper back muscles with shoulder stand. Moreover, with the overall toning of the body, you can have improved digestion and metabolism. Therefore, you are able to burn more calories in less time, resulting in less fat being stored on your body structure. Also, it improves abdominal muscles, legs, and overall sense of balance.

Bow Pose

With a back-bend pose, you can massage the core muscles, stretch the chest and thigh muscles. It is helpful if you are suffering from poor digestion or slow metabolism. When you breathe in while holding this pose, fresh oxygen expands the various muscles under tension. In turn, you feed the muscles with fuel to burn, resulting in fat burn.

Warrior Pose

Standing with a wide stance, a deep stretch can be felt in your thighs and shoulders. Since this pose makes you mindful of your breathing while stretching, you form a deep mind-muscle connection. It helps in tighter quads, improving the sense of balance of your body, and help you to have a flat belly.

Sun Salutation

It helps you to warm up your body and prepare you mentally for the upcoming event. It helps in stretching major muscles, improves metabolism, and acts as a yoga pose for overall development. Since the whole body is being utilized while practicing this pose, it acts as a whole package to facilitate you with good health.

Apart from starting with the gentle yoga poses, you have the option to consider a vigorous routine once you become familiar with this. You can even join a yoga fitness center if you want to learn more about yoga and its various benefits.

Incorporating various gentle yoga poses in your yoga routine can be a life-changing step for you. Certainly, in the near future, you might want to level up your yogic journey. Therefore, these yoga poses will build up your strength and make you mentally strong for your life ahead.

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