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Become a Yoga Instructor With Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

So, you want to become a certified yoga instructor? Congratulations on this decision! You are preparing for the career of a lifetime. Enrolling in yoga teacher training gives you a whole different experience of how yoga actually works. A yoga teacher possesses in-depth knowledge of the sacred art of yoga including its mental and spiritual aspects.

However, for you to become a certified yoga instructor, you must choose the right place to practice the numerous yoga asanas. Have you heard about Yoga Alliance? Yoga experts have come up with a complete explanation of what Yoga Alliance is and what it does. Read below to know more.

Yoga Alliance – A Brief Intro

Yoga Alliance USA is the largest non-profit organization that represents the interests and welfare of the entire yoga community on a global level. This organization has also set the standards and protocols for teaching yoga in various yoga schools.

The organization also manages the largest list of RYS (Registered Yoga School) and RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) which ensure that standards set by Yoga Alliance are met. However, it is amazing how Yoga Alliance has managed to bring together the entire yoga community. The organization has a massive role in spreading information about yoga globally.

Unfortunately, many yoga practitioners do not know much about Yoga Alliance except that it provides certification on the completion of their yoga teacher training.

3 Major Benefits of Yoga Alliance Certification

However, when it comes to becoming a yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance teacher training course, there is a lot more one can get. Let us find out the advantages of becoming a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher.

On the contrary, there are some major benefits to becoming a Yoga Alliance member. Let us find out what these are.

  1. Listings

After completing the Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training course, the individual has the chance to get their name listed on the Yoga Alliance website. This gives them a chance to seek out employment opportunities with yoga studios or one-on-one sessions.

  1. Becoming Part of a Community

Becoming a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher gives the person an opportunity to become part of the yoga community. It helps them connect with like-minded individuals who share the same love and passion for advancing their yoga knowledge to another level.

  1. Credibility

The Yoga Alliance certification creates massive credibility of the individual as a trained and experienced yoga teacher. It clearly shows the person is capable enough to teach a large group of yoga practitioners.

Since yoga teacher training requires a considerable amount of time, it is natural the individual would have some queries.

4. Free Yoga Resources

On becoming a Yoga Alliance member, you have access to thousands of free resources including articles, video recordings and online yoga workshops. These are provided to help you move ahead in the yoga teaching business and help others unlock their true self. Moreover, remaining updated ensures that you remain employable.

5. Legal Protection

As the largest Non-Profit yoga organization, Yoga Alliance believes in taking care of its members. This is made possible by providing you with protection against legal trouble. The organization believes in fighting unjust regulations and legal suits that hinder the growth and spread of yoga around the world.

6. Exposure To Online Member’s Directory

The best part of becoming a Yoga Alliance member is you get exclusive access to their online directory. This gives you an opportunity to get your name mentioned as an RYT which also increases your chances of finding employment with a good yoga school or studio.

3 Questions to Ask Before Enrolling in Yoga Teacher Training

There are three questions one should ask the yoga school before enrolling in the yoga teacher training course.

  1. Who is the lead teacher and what are their qualifications?

The first question the person should ask is regarding the lead teacher and for how much time they have been in the profession of teaching yoga.

  1. What is the total number of teachers in yoga school?

Yoga experts recommend a yoga school with a ratio of one teacher for every 10 students for a yoga teacher training course. Also, it ensures every student receives individual attention and guidance during their training.

  1. What style of yoga does the school teach?

If the course offers multiple styles of yoga, it might be a bit confusing for a beginner. Moreover, the person has to ensure they join a yoga school that offers lessons in their preferred style of yoga.


Learning yoga offers the individual an unforgettable experience that helps them evolve on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. Enrolling in a Yoga Alliance yoga teacher training provides the necessary skills and methods to help them become certified yoga teachers.


Ques 1) How do you become Yoga Alliance Certified?

Ans) To become Yoga Alliance certified, you need to join and complete a yoga teacher training course.  That you can choose depending on the level of your yoga practice. Make sure you complete all the prerequisites of a yoga teacher training course to become Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher.

Ques 2) How much do yoga teachers make per class?

Ans) That depends on one person to the other. If you have experience and knowledge, your per-hour wage would be higher. However, if you just a beginner, you might not get what an expert yoga master is earning.  Therefore, experience and knowledge play a major role in how much can you make per class. 

Ques 3) How can I make yoga a career?

Ans) To make a career in yoga, you need a Yoga Alliance certification. Once you get that, you can register on the online directory of the Yoga Alliance. Hence, it will help you have a list of genuine clientele for you to start your career in yoga. 

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