Yoga for Weight Loss for Females at Home
Best Postures for Yoga for Weight Loss at home for Females

The mysterious origins of yoga have not stopped it from becoming popular around the world. Whether it is Hot Yoga or yoga for weight loss at home for females, the oldest fitness method has crossed the threshold of health clubs and gyms.

The only thing one needs is complete knowledge of how different yogic postures help an individual achieve the desired result. The individual need not buy expensive equipment except for a comfortable mat to perform each asana with comfort.

However, not everyone can take out time from their busy schedule to perform yoga. It becomes more difficult if the person has extra fat around the stomach area, which brings with it a host of severe health problems including heart and liver disease.

Without further delay, let us check out how corepower yoga for weight loss at home for females can help women lose those extra pounds.

Yoga for Weight Loss at Home for Females

The busy work-life combined with the need to take care of the entire family leaves almost no time for the female members of a household who might want to stay fit to perform all chores in their best form.

Abdominal obesity impacts females with a waist size of more than 35 inches, which is quite unhealthy. Some try to limit their intake of diet soda and fatty foods, but simply having control over what one eats does not get the job done.

At times, exercise is needed to reduce the unnecessary fat around the waist and other areas of the body. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to visit a yoga studio to perform yoga under the open sky. The combination of weight loss yoga with the right diet will make it possible for the individual to get rid of unnecessary fat with ease.

With that said, these are the three best yoga poses, which women can easily perform at home without the need for any extra equipment.

Naukasana (Boat Pose)

Naukasana tones the waist and helps in building abdominal muscles. It is also a great option for those looking to shed those extra pounds. This yoga for weight loss posture is best suited for strengthening the lower back, leg muscles, and stomach.

How to Perform the Naukasana

  • Lie down on your back
  • Lift the upper and lower body to create a balance on the hip bones
  • Ensure the toes are in perfect alignment with the eyes
  • Keep the knees and back straight and arms parallel to the ground
  • Next, tighten the abdomen muscles and straighten the back
  • Lastly, inhale and exhale normally.

Those looking to strengthen the body along with losing extra fat can try this yoga for weight loss posture for maximum effect.

Chakrasana (Wheel Pose)

The best yoga for weight loss at home for females to reduce abdominal fat and expand the chest is the Chakrasana. It works on the digestive and reproductive systems along with purifying blood. Chakrasana works wonderfully in reducing the stress in the entire body, increasing the elasticity of the spine.

Steps to Perform the Chakrasana

  • Lie down on your back
  • Fold the legs at the knees and make sure they are firmly placed on the ground
  • Bend both arms at the elbows with palms facing upwards. Gently rotate the arms at the shoulder points and place both the arms beside your head on the ground
  • Slowly inhale and put pressure on palms and legs. Make sure to lift the entire body to form an arch
  • Lastly, relax the neck and allow the head to touch the ground gently

Savasana (Corpse Pose)

Savasana helps lower blood pressure and works on the digestive and immune systems. The practise of this yoga posture also helps fight insomnia and fatigue. It is amongst the easiest yoga for weight loss postures, which anyone can do regardless of their experience level.

How to Perform the Savasana

  • Lie on your back with straight legs and arms in a relaxed position by the sides. Make sure the feet are in a natural position with palms facing upwards.
  • Do not lie on the plain ground but on a sheet or mat. The surroundings need to be as clean as possible.
  • Next, lie down in the center of the mat.
  • Make sure you lie down with a straight spine and shoulders touch the ground.
  • Keep your eyes closed and concentrate on each breath. Be aware of the chest expanding during each breath.
  • Stay awake and within the next 4 to 5 minutes, you will feel total relaxation in the body.

Without any doubt, yoga for weight loss is the best alternative to the traditional gyms and health clubs, which have a hefty fee and only focus on physical fitness. Yoga takes it a level up and prepares the individual to face the world on a physical and mental level.

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