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Best Yoga Poses To Boost Male Fertility
Best Yoga Poses To Boost Male Fertility

Thousands of men across the globe face infertility and other sexual health issues. It affects the personal as well as social life of individuals. The reason for the low fertility rate in men could be because of stress, mental tension, and much more. There is a natural way to counter the problem of infertility in men. Practicing yoga can be the perfect solution to boost male fertility.

It has been seen that practicing various yoga poses helps in increasing the sperm count in men. Have a reading of the following to have a better insight into different poses of yoga to enhance fertility in men.

Best Yoga Poses For Male Fertility

Shoulder Stand

It is a balancing form of yoga in which a yoga practitioner holds the body upside down. Your body rests on your shoulders that stimulates the thyroid gland and helps in strengthening your whole body.

To start with, lie down on a flat surface with your legs stretched out. With a gentle push, raise your legs over your head. Make sure that your legs are straight. You can use your elbows to support your body to stand tall on your shoulders.

Plow Pose

It increases the flexibility of your hamstrings and pelvic area. Moreover, it enhances reproductive health that boosts fertility in men. It is one of the best yoga poses to enhance male fertility.

Lie down on your yoga mat and let your body loose. Simply raise your legs slowly until they are over your head. Also, raise your lower back such that you are resting your weight on your shoulders. Slowly move your legs towards your head so that your feet can touch the ground.

Ensure to keep your legs straight while your feet are in touch with the ground. This pose can increase the overall flexibility of your spine.

Bow Pose

For better fertility, you need to increase blood flow into your reproductive organs. The bow pose is a perfect yoga pose that you can practice to enhance your sexual health. Moreover, this pose heals erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation that is one of the major reasons for infertility in men.

Lie flat on your stomach. Fold your legs and raise your arms to reach for your feet. Once you get a firm grasp over your feet, pull your legs with your hands. It also massages your stomach when you pull your body to further stretch your limbs.

Plank Pose

It could look like an easy yoga pose to boost male fertility. However, when you try to hold the plank pose for a few seconds, you come to realize how hard it could be.

Simply get on your all fours. Align your hands under your shoulders and extend your legs further back. Keep your body in a straight line while practicing the plank pose. Engage your hips and core to maintain a perfect balance of your body.

Cobra Pose

It is one of the best poses of yoga for starters that you can practice to boost male fertility. The cobra pose helps in keeping the lower back pain at bay.

To practice the cobra pose, lie on your stomach with your legs stretched to the back. Slowly bring your hands under your shoulders. Push gently with your hands to raise your upper body while keeping your lower body in contact with the ground.

Summing Up

The above-mentioned are a few yoga poses to boost male fertility. Along with the yoga poses, you can also join a yoga fitness center in India to learn about the importance of a wholesome diet. Moreover, you come across various yogic practices that help you by releasing stress or mental tension.

Thus, incorporating yoga practice in your life can increase your sperm count, improve blood flow in your reproductive organs, and stimulates your testosterone level for better sexual health.

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