Calm Your Mind
Calm Your Mind For Overall Abundance

Are you always stuck in your racing thoughts? Do you always find it hard to control your thinking? There are a ton of ways that can help you to calm your mind. However, practicing yoga works wonders for you by enhancing your mental and physical dimensions alike.

One of the benefits of silencing your mind is that you move in a close connection with your inner being. It has been seen that when you speak when needed, you have much better control over your words. The below-given key points can help you explore various ways through which you can calm your mind. Have a brief reading.

Things To Practice To Calm Your Mind


To meditate is to sit in a single space and focus on your mental processing. There are thousands of meditation practices that you can practice to work differently on your being. If you are a complete beginner, you can start by focusing on your breathing.

When you channelize your focus on a single element of your being, be it mind or body, you learn to calm your mind. It helps you to relax, so that, you can concentrate on what is going on within your mind that is not allowing you to rest.

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Deep Breathing

In yoga philosophy, your breath is considered to be the life force that indicates your mental process. You might have noticed that whenever you get angry or aggressive, you breathe fast. However, when you are relaxed, you breathe slow and much deeper.

Thus, when you practice various breathing exercises while practicing yoga, you learn to calm your mind. Further, breathing is connected with everything around you, and having conscious control over it helps you to have a stronger connection with your being.

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Yoga Poses

Studies confirmed that practicing any physical exercise releases certain hormones inside your brain that remove stress. Stress is the number one factor that makes you anxious and never allow your brain to settle down to have the much-needed rest.

When you practice yoga poses and holds them for a longer time, you teach your mind to follow your command. It helps you deliberately pull your mind from getting entangled in trivial thoughts, and help you calm your mind.


When you ponder over your actions, you come to realize what you should or shouldn’t have done. It doesn’t mean that you need to cling to your past actions or mistakes, rather, the point is to learn from your mistakes. Therefore, you walk towards spiritual healing, making you a lighter and peaceful soul.

When you practice meditation, you go into a state of complete calm and get the opportunity to reflect on your internal mechanisms. It helps you to remove all the negative thoughts from your psyche and further helps you to calm your mind.


Being mindful is to be aware of the time going on at the moment, without worrying about future consequences or past actions. It might sound easy, but the mind is a complex entity that never allows you to sit silently.

Therefore, since you cannot completely stop the thought mechanisms, all you can do is to channelize your mind to be aware of your current thoughts, which start and stops in the present. It restricts your brain to indulge in unwanted thoughts and calms your mind.


Clearing off your mind from all the wasteful thoughts cleanse your mental dimension and enhances your spiritual dimension as well. Spiritual healing enriches your life with abundance, love, and a feeling of gratefulness.


Ques 1) How do I shut my brain up?

Ans) What you can do is bring your attention to different parts of your body. This will bring you out of your mind and can help you calm your mind. So, if you want to shut your brain up, you can include meditation practice in your routine. 

Ques 2) How do I quiet the voices in my head?

Ans) The voices in your head are involuntary voices that keep ongoing within your head. You cannot quiet them. All you can do is to pull your attention from them. Thus, you no longer are disturbed by them rather you learn how to bypass those voices. 

Ques 3)How do I sleep with anxiety?

Ans) If you have an anxiety disorder, you must learn how to calm your senses. For that, you can practice Yoga Nidra for sleep. That can help you lessen the intensity of anxiety attacks and can help you fall asleep easily.

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