Empower Your Mind and Body With Yoga for Resilience

Resilience is a powerful word you should remember. It encompasses your journey through the many hardships in life. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, financial hardship, or social injustice. It is resilience that helps you weather every storm and come out as a winner. Do you know that yoga for resilience is a powerful tool? This ancient art has the secret to help you emerge as a winner in every adversity of life.

Let us first understand what Resilience means.

Resilience – The Deep Strength Within

The word Resilience refers to your capacity to bounce back from adversity. Some are resilient from their birth while others are not. But, this does not mean you cannot develop resilience.

How Can Yoga Make Me Resilient?

Yoga is not only sitting cross-legged with both eyes closed. It has been a part of human history for decades. Yoga contains in-depth knowledge of the working of your mind, body, and spirit. There are many asanas and other techniques which require a good level of patience to master. This helps you develop the patience and calm to overcome challenges in life’s journey.

Yoga for Resilience Techniques

Do you want to know which yoga for resiliene techniques can make you tough? Given below are the most powerful yoga techniques that help you develop resilience.

1. Mountain Pose

The Mountain pose might look like you are waiting to transition to the next asana. But it is an active yoga for resilience exercise. Mountain pose requires you to gain total control over your body in its natural form. The action of inhale and exhale and keeping a fixed gaze helps you focus on what is important.

2. Eagle Pose

Do you know the Sanskrit name of Eagle Pose? It is Garudasana. This name comes from Garud, Lord Vishnu’s Eagle. Lord Vishnu rides the eagle with a sharp focus while watching over every being in the universe.

Holding the Eagle pose represents the mode through which Lord Vishnu travels. Your body’s shape empowers you to be in charge of reservation. This provides you the focus of someone with a job to do.

3. Warrior II Pose

The Bhagwad Gita uses the metaphor of a battlefield. As a warrior you have to keep a steady focus on the reason for which you are fighting. Not doing this makes you fall in to the trap of anxiety.

The battlefield is life itself. Having confidence in your decisions is what you need to remain focused to get what you want. This can be your happiness or happiness of loved ones.

The expression of “staying focused” here refers to focusing on the present moment. Thus if you lean too far back in this yoga for resilience exercise it means you are stuck in the past. Leaning too forward means you have anxiety about the future. Yoga experts recommend you stay grounded in the Warrior pose.

4. Dancer Pose

The dancer pose symbolizes Lord Shiva’s dancing stance. This dance symbolizes Lord Shiva’s action of creation and destruction. His dance symbolizes that death cannot come without birth, and birth means there will be death.

But, this is not all. Do you know how yoga helps you develop resilience? Keep reading to find the answer.

How Yoga Helps Me Build Resilience?

Yoga helped thousands of spiritual seekers achieve unity with the divine. It can certainly help you develop resilience in the long run.

Given below are 2 ways how yoga for resilience works its magic.

1. Connects with Your Body

Taking care of your body is vital to build mental and physical resilience. Stress not only impacts your mind, but also the body. Daily yoga practice in combination with healthy diet and deep sleep strengthens your body. It helps you keep anxiety and depression away.

2. Connects with Your Mind & Spirit

The yoga for resilience is not only about asanas. It encompasses meditation, mindful journaling, and other spiritual practices. These help you develop the mental fortitude to face challenging situations. In the long run, yoga improves your brain function and develop new neural pathways.

Learning yoga under an experienced yoga teacher helps you realize the ultimate truth. .i.e. You are more than the body and mind.

Practicing yoga for resilience takes patience and dedication. Enroll in a certified yoga school to learn this yoga from experienced yoga teachers.


Want to develop mental and physical toughness? You should look for a certified yoga school to learn yoga for resilience from qualified yoga teachers. They will help you prepare to face tough situation by making yoga philosophy your new life mantra.

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