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How Can You Practice Yoga for Weight Loss?

The very first thing you need to understand is that losing fat is different from losing weight. When you start practicing yoga for weight loss, there are many things that you have to keep in check for gaining complete benefits of your yoga practice.

No matter how consistent you are with your weight loss yoga, if you are not fulfilling other necessities required for weight or fat loss, you will not be noticing any change in your physique. It does sound harsh but the reality is much harsher. You can not just blindly follow those online influencer of yours when you want a transformation.

Scroll down to know what you need to complement yoga for weight loss with, so that, your progress never halts. Keep reading.

Complementary Things with Yoga for Weight Loss


Do you know you become what you eat? So, if you are eating unhealthy food, stuffing yourself with processed and oily food, you rest assured that you won’t be seeing any results.

Have you ever seen experienced yogis, how they are always lean and strong at the same time? The secret is having vegetarian, wholesome food that is rich in nutrients. Also, they digest very easily, giving you more time to practice yoga than to feeling lethargic after filling your stomach.

Intensity of Yoga for Weight Loss

When you practice yoga without any intensity, you will not be getting results as you desired. There won’t be any drastic changes, rather you have to bear the burden of trying so much and yet not achieving anything.

Intensity is when you gradually level up your yoga practice, you try yoga poses which you haven’t tried before. The moment you step into the unknown while practicing yoga, you are face to face with your fears and insecurities. Thus, you grow immensely in every field and not just your physical self.


Taking off days affects you mentally to give up on yoga practice. Sometimes, you even pull out of your regular yoga practice sessions because you took so many leaves.

However, if you find it difficult at first to make a routine on your own, you can always join classes of yoga for weight loss for beginners. There you not only learn but also build a habit of consistently practicing yoga.


The kind of importance that you give to your yoga practice, you need to equally focus on having rest days as well. However, you should try not to extend your rest period over more than two days. Studies show that the longer you rest, the longer your brain finds it hard to get back on track.

Structure your yoga practice sessions such that you get enough rest as well along with intensity. When you do rest, your muscles repair and you gain new muscle tissues, ligaments, and tendons. Thus, your overall strength and flexibility improve.


Consistency surely is one of the key factors responsible for the kind of yoga practice you might be having. Even then, going off track once in a while can actually go in your favor. Your body adapts to a certain way of exercise and dieting over time.

When you go off track, you implement a change in your routine, and therefore, teach your body to adapt once again. Since you are not entirely going off, the moment you get back on track, your body responds way better than before.

When you keep all the above-mentioned keynotes in check, you witness a positive change. Whether you want weight loss or fat loss, you can achieve your desired results with yoga for weight loss.

If you practice yoga alone according to your desired goal, you might have a few minor changes, but you can never achieve astounding results. Therefore, you have to complement your yoga practice with a good diet and consistent practice.

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