Yoga for Anxiety
How to Practice Yoga for Anxiety for Calm Mind

Not able to relax a bit? Have anxiety issues? Worry not! Try yoga for anxiety. Your restless mind consumes your personal as well as professional life. However, when you practice yoga on daily basis, you experience a sudden shift in your thought process, making you calmer and mindful.

Anxiety is actually your mind’s reaction to some stressful situation. It has been estimated that about 6.8 million people in the US suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). It becomes the sole reason to make you worry for hours every day.

Yoga helps you to anchor your thoughts and drive yourself back up on the track. Have a look at the below-mentioned points to learn how to practice yoga for anxiety.

How to Practice Yoga for Anxiety

Finding Rhythm

Practicing yoga for anxiety is all about moving your body and finding a rhythm with which you can move in a flow. It helps you to ease out your inbuilt tension through flowing yoga poses. Further, it helps your mind to get in touch with your body by moving along yoga asanas when you hold for much longer.

When you remain inactive for some time, your body goes into the relaxing phase. Therefore, whenever some pressure emerges, you get into fight or flight mode, leaving thinking on the matter aside. Thus, movement of your body when you practice yoga helps you feel relaxed even under stressful situations.

Releasing Tension with Yoga for Anxiety

When you feel lethargic, your body’s larger muscles tend to feel fatigued, making you feeling incapable to go on with your routine. Therefore, to overcome the desire to give up already, you need to focus on your legs muscles in particular. In turn, you feel stronger and much resilient to handle things in your life

Inverting the Body

Being sedentary places your body in a single space and time throughout the day. The moment your body changes its plain of movement, you feel relieved. Since your head is always above your heart, the amount of blood that reaches head is a bare minimum to support the daily life functioning.

However, while you perform shoulder stand or downward-facing dog, there comes a change in your natural body positioning. In turn, your head is flushed with fresh blood. Therefore, inverting your body by practicing various yoga asanas can help you relax and calm your mind.

Letting Lose

There are numerous ways to let lose your body. You can either practice guided meditation, mindful meditation, or simply lie down in a corpse pose. The goal is to keep you present at the moment, to stop you from worrying about past or future, and to bring your focus within.

Since your mental burden puts a lot of pressure on your physical self, it becomes utterly important to clean your mind as well from any ill-thoughts. Once you connect with your unconscious, you learn to be wary of any negative thoughts and can stop before giving them due importance.

Resting the Head

The head or the mind in particular is like a central control tower that signals each and everything going in your body. When it comes to resting your mind, the basic concept is to give it some rest, psychologically as well as physically.

Yoga practice makes use of various props like blocks, blankets, or yoga mats. Or, you can use the stuff to rest your head on top of them while performing yoga asanas.

Various forms of yoga are available at your disposal to enhance your well-being. Joining a yoga fitness center can be an option for you as well if you find it difficult to start your yogic journey.

Yoga for anxiety develops your mind and body, and since everything is improving naturally, it gives you another way than going for medication. However, for the extreme case scenarios, you should consult your medical professional.

Practicing yoga improves your mindset, raise your vibrations, and consciousness. In turn, you witness your overall well-being.

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