Pranic healing vs Reiki
Pranic Healing vs Reiki: Key Similarities & Differences

The human body tends to heal naturally. However, this process slows down when you are consumed by other activities around you. Well, in that case, there are numerous healing techniques you can choose from boost the healing. Pranic Healing and Reiki are some of the most recommended healing techniques by a yoga master. Because of this, there is always a debate going on about Pranic Healing vs Reiki.

We dug a little deeper to offer you a better insight into the Pranic Healing vs Reiki debate. This helps you choose the one rather than feeling confused and stuck. So, make sure you read till the very end and have an easier approach to Pranic Healing vs Reiki. Read on.

What is Pranic Healing?

The word Pranic comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Prana’. Prana has various meanings attached to it. Some even call it Qi, Ki, or Chi. Pranic healing manipulates the flow of prana energy inside your body so that it heals you.

Furthermore, practising Pranic healing boosts the natural healing process. Therefore, it is one of the most advanced fields of healing with energy in the debate of Pranic Healing vs Reiki.

What is Reiki Healing?

The word Reiki is compounded from Japanese that means ‘mysterious atmosphere, miraculous signs’. In Japanese, the word is broken into two distinct words, Rei & Ki. The former means ‘universal’ and the latter means ‘life energy.

It is a form of healing technique that removes the stagnated energy from the human body. The idea behind Reiki healing is to remove energy blockages that might cause illness, mental or physical. However, Reiki healing requires a master that works on your body. That is the major difference in Pranic Healing vs Reiki debate.

Pranic Healing vs Reiki: A Few Similarities

Both are similar as they are healing techniques. Therefore, they work on cleansing the aura of a person. There is no physical contact required to practice either of the healing practices. In turn, both healing techniques work on removing the energy blocks in a person over time.

Similarities are less, however, disparities are numerous. That gives way to Pranic Healing vs Reiki debate.

Pranic Healing vs Reiki: A Few Differences

Healing Method
In Pranic Healing, the master uses energy from all senses around your body. It is known as free-floating energy that seeps up from the ground and air. Moreover, Pranic healing helps activate the energy centers present in your subtle body.

Reiki healing uses various scanning and attunement levels used by Reiki masters. Moreover, various symbols have been used in recent times to identify the energy flow. Therefore, Reiki masters always work towards changing the negative energy into positive energy.

Hence, the method of healing makes a prominent place in the Pranic healing vs Reiki debate.

Energy Flow
The flow of energy serves as a strong base for Pranic Healing vs Reiki debate. In Pranic Healing, the master uses the energy from your energy points. Furthermore, the unstable and unclear energy is first cleansed and balanced. Then, it is used to remove any barriers or blockages in your body.

On the other hand, Reiki healing makes use of the free-flowing energy in and around your body. However, the energy has no direction and wild nature. It is the Reiki master’s task to give it a proper direction that helps in healing your mind and body. Hence, more focus is on the need for Reiki healing.

Healing Process
The differences in the healing process give way to the Pranic healing vs Reiki debate. As far as Pranic healing is concerned, there are no touches involved in the healing process. It means there is no physical touch involved in any case.

Reiki healing has physical touches to some extent while cleansing the energy. It depends on what healing practice a Reiki master is using. Hence, it depends on how the body is responding when touched.

Wrap Up

Pranic healing vs Reiki is a long debate in the yoga world with thousands of followers on each side. Some perceive Pranic healing more because of its purity and no-touch healing techniques. Whereas, some prefer Reiki healing for harnessing the free energy in your body and surrounding. In the end, both healing techniques serve the purpose of making your pure inside out.

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