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The Awesome Health Benefits of Yoga Sun Salutation

Do you know that sun salutation is one yoga sequence that offers a world of benefits? Whether it is strength, flexibility, or overall wellness, there is a lot the yoga sun salutation does. This sequence activates the energy of the sun within your body and mind which helps you in spiritual progression.

Surya Namaskar awakens the sun within, which offers you deep mindfulness, physical strength, and virility. From a practical point of view, sun salutation can help you transition into a yoga practice with ease.

But, that is not all what sun salutation offers. There are a plethora of health benefits that you get with the daily practice of this powerful yoga sequence.

8 Powerful Benefits of Yoga Sun Salutation

The yoga sun salutation is a proven technique that you can practice even as a complete beginner to yoga.

Moreover, sun salutation is a pretty simple yoga sequence to help you burn calories and accomplish other health goals.

Keeping the above statement in mind, given below are some major benefits of practicing sun salutations daily.

1. Improves Sleep Quality

The yoga sun salutation offers you a healthy and safe way to improve sleeping habits. It offers you a complete body workout to boost overall health and well-being.

With daily practice, you notice a change in your attitude towards life. It also reflects in your daily life when you learn to let go of unnecessary stress which helps you sleep at night.

2. Ensures a Healthy Heart

The benefits of sun salutations also extend to your heart. Daily practice improves heart rate and brings the entire circulatory system under control. Over time, it provides your entire body with a fresh dose of oxygen-rich blood and removes toxins.

Moreover, Surya Namaskar helps your body get rid of disease-causing microbes as the sequence gives a massive boost to your lymphatic system.

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3. Helps with Weight Loss

The yoga sun salutation is on the higher end when it comes to losing weight. Daily practice of this powerful yoga sequence helps you get rid of excess weight and follow a healthy diet chart with the practice.

4. Corrects Imbalance

Sun salutation sequence helps reorder the functioning of endocrine glands. With gentle rubdowns of the endocrine glands, you can correct the over or under secretion of hormones. It is what helps you remain energetic throughout the day.

5. Keeps Skin Glowing

If you are tired of going to the salon every time a skin problem occurs, we have good news for you! The yoga sun salutation provides you a plethora of benefits like healthier digestion, improved blood flow, better heart health, and de-stresses the mind.

In the long run, this gives you glowing and beautiful skin. The deeper you dive into sun salutation practice, the more you go away from unhealthy habits and poor diet. The avoidance of junk foods helps clear your skin.

6. Makes You Peaceful

The best way for you to experience yoga as a beginner is through a sun salutation. It teaches you to be humble, be devoted and submit to a higher authority. The very act of Namaskara makes you develop a peaceful and compassionate attitude towards others.

7. Unlocks the Body and Mind

The modern-day world is riddled with stress and anxiety. Owing to the highly competitive environment and the hunger to be on top has a heavy price to pay. It often comes in the form of mental and physical health issues.

On a mental level, too much stress leads to numerous psychological disorders. On a physical level, it leads to chronic pain and a host of serious health problems. Fortunately, the yoga sun salutation helps relax the important muscles and joints in your body. In the long run, this yoga sequence helps you unwind and relax.

8. Improves Kidney Function

The act of compressing and easing your body during the sun salutation has a positive impact on your kidneys. It helps in filtering the blood of all toxins which keeps the kidney functioning to the best of its ability.


Do you want to let go of physical and mental stress? You should make yoga sun salutation a part of your daily routine. This powerful yoga sequence relaxes your body and mind and you wake up to each day with enthusiasm and more energy.

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