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Top 5 Amazing Spiritual Healing Techniques
Top 5 Amazing Spiritual Healing Techniques

How do you think ancients might have healed themselves without any medical advancements? The simplest answer could be energy healing. Thus, going on spiritual healing help you to restore your empty energy stores, and purify you by releasing negative energy.

Energy is the food for your mind, body, and soul. Therefore, when you step up to repair your internal functioning with spiritual healing, you witness a positive shift in the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being.

However, there are various forms of spiritual healing that you can practice to have an overall growth. Have a look at the below-mentioned key points.

5 Most Important Spiritual Healing Types

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a form of energy healing where the universal energy is transferred from an expert practitioner’s hands to the body of a patient. The word Reiki is an amalgamation of two Japanese words i.e. ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’, which means “God’s wisdom” and “energy” respectively.

It has been seen that Reiki healing treats many mental and emotional issues. Various studies have shown that people who earlier had chronic pain due to various reasons have witnessed a drastic decrease in their pain after they went for a Reiki healing. It involves lots of hand movements over the body of a person to channelize the flow of energy.

Pranic Healing

Prana means life-force that sustains your being. It is called ‘Chi’ in China, or ‘Ki’ in Japan. Just like Reiki healing, Prana healing too is a form of ‘no-touch’ healing.

There are three steps involved in Pranic spiritual healing. Starting from scanning your body by moving your healer’s hands across your body. Once the scanning part is complete, the practitioner cleanses the patient’s body from any abnormalities of the energy.

The third step involves replenishing and revitalizing the patient with life-force. The aim is to use the body’s self-healing power to nurture your broken energy cycles.

Crystal Healing

Have you ever noticed people wearing crystal or stone in their rings or around their neck? What do you think it helps with? Every material has a unique quality according to which it absorbs or repels certain energy.

When you go for a crystal healing, different stones or crystals are used to heal your energy. Different types of rocks or crystals work on your different body ailments, illnesses, or health issues. In this type of spiritual healing, the healer places varying stones on different parts of your body and is kept for a long time.

In turn, you release your negative energy into the crystals and undergo a healing process.

Quantum Healing

Quantum physics has recently proven the availability of multiple dimensions around us. To tap into a newer dimension, you need to tune to a different frequency that matches your desired dimension. Therefore, quantum healing works on the concept of resonance, visualization, frequency, and vibrations.

It considers neurological connections while repairing your energy imbalances. Quantum healing is a very different form of spiritual healing that works on your mental construct directly as well as indirectly.


In this form of spiritual healing, you practice coordinated movements of your physical yoga postures along with breathing exercises, and meditation techniques. The roots of Qigong are seated deep in Chinese medicine, philosophy, and medicine.

It involves slow and rhythmic movements while you focus on your inner being.

Apart from the above-mentioned spiritual healing types, there could be countless others. Whether you are seeking some time off or want to replenish your energy, going on a spiritual healing retreat is always a perfect option for you.

You experience an all-around development once your soul is purified and devoid of all the ill-thoughts. In turn, you become a light being and learn to embrace life to the fullest.

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