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Top 5 Poses Of Yoga For Upper Back Pain

Yoga For Upper Back Pain – Back health issues have been emerging too often these days. The reasons could be many that include stiffness, pain, or discomfort in the upper back. It leads to inflexible back muscles that could initiate sprain or sudden pain in your muscles. However, practicing yoga for upper back pain could be a go-to option for you.

The present working conditions require long sitting hours which make you sit in improper postures. In turn, your spine stays complex positions that put a lot of pressure on your upper back. Moreover, while sitting or walking with slouched shoulders, you have a rounded upper back that puts a lot of pressure on other important muscles and joints.

The below-mentioned yoga poses can help you strengthen the upper back, so that, you can have proper posture throughout the day. Have a quick reading to learn more.

Best Poses Of Yoga For Upper Back Pain

Downward Facing Dog For Upper Back Pain

Downward Facing Dog

It is the most practised pose of yoga for upper back pain across the world. The downward stance of the pose removes excessive pressure from your spine. Also, the upper back pain is cured because the weight is shifted on the arms and hands.

To begin with, stand tall on the yoga mat. Slowly bend forward to let your hands touch the ground. Move your feet a little back, so that, the weight shifts to your toes. Keep your hips high in the air by keeping your legs straight. Push your shoulder blades further to stretch your upper back muscles to the extreme.

Bridge Pose For Upper Back Pain

Bridge Pose

The agility of your spine is necessary to have a strong and flexible upper back. Since your neck is used too while practicing the bridge pose, it improves your scapula muscles that ensure more compact and well-toned upper back muscles. Moreover, it enhances the strength of your quads and hamstring muscles.

To start the pose, lie on your back with your legs fully extended in front of you. Keep your hands loosely tucked by your side. Gently fold your legs and place your feet on the ground. With a gentle push, raise your hips off the ground, so that, your legs and upper back bear the weight of your body. Hold your body in a straight line to improve your strength and overall posture.

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Cat-Cow Pose For Upper Back Pain

Cat-Cow Pose

It is a two-step pose, making you go through a process to complete the yoga pose. When you perform the cat-cow pose, you relax and contract your scapula that induces stretching in your upper back and shoulder muscles. It is a very agile pose of yoga for upper back pain.

Get on your all-fours. Align your hips over your knees and your shoulder over your hands. Keep your face in front and keep your stomach and hips in a downward direction while relaxing the scapula. Hold the pose for a few minutes and raise your upper back and stomach as high as possible. It stretches and relaxes your upper back to the maximum degree.

Cobra Pose For Upper Back Pain

Cobra Pose

When you practice the cobra pose, you work on your lower as well as upper back. Moreover, you work on your arms and shoulders mobility.

To start with, lie on your stomach with your hands and arms by your side. Slowly bring your hands to your side such that your hands are aligned with your underarms. With a gentle push, raise your upper body with the help of your arms while maintaining contact with your lower body with the ground.

Puppy Pose For Upper Back Pain


It works on your shoulders, chest, and upper back pain. Moreover, it stretches your abdominal muscles, hips, and shoulder rotator cuffs.

Get on your all fours and align your hips over your knees. Slowly move your hands to the front such that your chest touches the ground without disrupting the alignment of your hips with the knees. Moreover, stretch your upper back as much as possible by moving your arms much further.

Locust Pose For Upper Back Pain

Locust Pose for back pain

Practicing the Locust pose gives a gentle massage to your spine, back muscles, hamstrings, and shoulder joints. Thus, it is one of the best poses of yoga for upper back pain that increases blood flow to your whole back. All you have to do is to lie on your stomach and raise your legs in the air. Further, engage your core and raise your upper half in the air.

Raising your legs while practicing the Locust pose improves the strength of lower SI joints. Hence, it ensures your muscles have a complete range of motion so that you stay away from any pain. Raising your upper spine expands your chest and shoulder muscles. This also improves the growth of new muscles in your back.

Two Knees Spinal Twist For Upper Back Pain

Two Knees Spinal Twistfor upper back pain

When it comes to balancing your spine and massaging your stomach, nothing comes at par with the Two Knees Spinal Twist. Raising and twisting your legs to the single side engages your obliques. Furthermore, when you shift your weight to the other side, it balances out your spinal twist. Make sure you do not let your legs touch the ground while raising them in the air.

Another major benefit of this pose is that it twists your upper half. That releases all the stress built up with too much forward bending. Moreover, if you have a desk job, you should include this pose into your routine as it nullifies the constant pressure on your shoulders.

Sphinx Pose For Upper Back Pain

Sphinx Pose

Working on your upper and lower back, the Sphinx pose has many hidden benefits. Breathing deep while practicing this pose decompresses your spine. Moreover, raising your upper body on your arms increases the strength in your shoulder joints.

Furthermore, it helps in increasing the overall strength of your upper back. Hence, it improves the support of your neck muscles so that your head is always balanced. With more power in your upper back and neck, the Sphinx pose cures your upper back pain.

The Best Yoga Exercises To Get Rid Of Upper Back Pain

Do you often find your hand reaching out for your upper back? You might be cooking a mouth-watering meal and suddenly feel that stinging pain in your upper back. Although you might not be having a chronic backache, yet this is one of the signs which is a serious wake-up call for you. Luckily, you have yoga for upper back pain to take care of that issue.

However, there is a common misconception that yoga is not at all helpful when it comes to dealing with serious health issues like back pain. You could not be farther from the truth. Since its origins 5000 years ago, yoga has had in-depth knowledge of the human body and mind. This ancient art has helped millions enjoy good health. Yoga experts have come up with complete information on how yoga can help you keep away from upper back pain.

How does Yoga help In Treating Upper Back Pain?

Yoga has numerous techniques and asanas that can help you get rid of numerous health issues. Therefore, yoga experts have come up with a complete explanation of how yoga can help you get rid of upper back pain.


Daily yoga practice increases strength in every muscle and muscle group in your body. The best advantage of doing yoga is it does not makes you uncomfortable. In the long run, holding asanas for longer periods improves muscle power. With the upper back, there are much yoga poses that work on strengthening your back and abdominal muscles.

Stretches & Relaxes

Upper back pain also occurs as a result of too much stress on the muscles. Daily practice of yoga asanas stretches these muscles and also improve their flexibility. Moreover, proper stretching is a must if you have back pain as this stretches the important muscles in your body.

Increases Awareness

Doing yoga asanas under the guidance of skilled yoga instructors helps improve your body awareness. With the constant positioning and repositioning of your body, yoga not just limbers the body, yoga also helps you understand what motions you should do and which you should avoid.


Every yoga asana helps improve your body balance and keeps the mind healthy. Moreover, the regular practice of this ancient art also improves your sense of balance and body posture. In the long run, this stretches and strengthens both sides of your body.

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

There are still much yoga poses for upper back pain that provides relaxation and soothing effects on your over health. Moreover, the spine is the most important element in your body which needs to be perfected.

A strong back is a necessity to sustain any activity in life. Thus, when you practice yoga for upper back pain regularly, you witness that your back issues are declining and you are achieving greater strength and flexibility in your spine.


Ques 1) How should I sit to relieve upper back pain?

Ans) You must sit straight if you experience any pain in your upper back. Further, make sure you do not sit with a rounded back. Also, do not look down for a longer time or while working on a computer. If possible, take small walks rather than sitting for long. 

Ques 2) How do you relieve a tight upper back?

Ans) The best way is to practice various yoga poses that focus on your upper back. You can also practice cat-cow stretch or a child’s pose. These yoga poses can decompress your spine and relieve you of any back pain.

Ques 3) What is the most common cause of upper back pain?

Ans) One thing could be an injury. If that’s not the case, sitting for long with improper posture can result in upper back pain. Moreover, rounder shoulders can also put a lot of stress on your neck and upper back. 

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