Yoga for Depression
What Causes Depression and How Yoga for Depression can Help?

With the hustle and bustle of daily life and extremely chaotic lifestyle, the problem of depression is affecting people of every age these days. Though hectic life and the trend of the rat race is common in people, only some get affected with the problem of depression but others not. Why? Well, this blog covers the answer to the problem of why do people get depressed and how yoga for depression can help them cope up with the situation in an effective manner.

What Causes Depression?

Researches suggest that due to physical as well as chemical differences in the brain, some people experience depression while others not. The factors influencing the brain of people may vary from person to person as per the condition they are into.

Apart from this, genetic factors can also be the reason behind getting depression. People have no control over it. Depression can also be caused due to improper diet, chronic pain and illness, hormonal changes, environmental factors, stress, certain medications, etc.

Answer to the question ‘why do people get depressed’ would perhaps be clear to you. Let’s now discuss, how to get rid of the problem of depression. The easiest and natural way to do away with depression is YOGA!

Yes, yoga is a boon to those who are suffering from the problem of depression. There are various poses of yoga that can be practiced by people to treat depression. Here they are:

5 Best Poses of Yoga for Depression

1. Child Pose

Being one of the easiest poses to cure depression, it can be practiced by anyone without any hassle. It relaxes you deeply from the inside out, calms your nervous system, alleviates stress, and anxiety.

By gently stretching your hips and lower back, this particular pose relaxes your body. Best of all, you can be in the pose for a long time, even if you are a beginner. However, make sure to maintain the pose only for the time you are comfortable doing it.

2. Bridge Pose

Also known as Setu Bandhasana, Bridge is also a great pose to reduce anxiety and depression. It calms your brain and opens up the lungs. Bridge pose also helps in treating thyroid, which also is one of the causes of depression.

Bridge pose of yoga for depression not only works wonders when it comes to relaxing your being but also is a great way to strengthen your back muscles.

3. Plow Pose

Helping to handle mood swings and improve energy levels, the plow is also a great pose to deal with the problem of depression. It calms the nervous system, stimulates the thyroid gland, and reduces stress.

You can also practice plow pose to enhance your posture and reduce stress in your back. Best for calming the brain and stretching the body, the plow is a must-add pose to do away with depression.

4. Downward-facing Dog Pose

The pose energizes your mind and body along with reducing stress and depression. Downward-facing dog pose increases the circulation of blood in the brain, resulting in improved mood.

While doing the pose, you feel stretch in the neck and cervical spine. This is how it releases stress in these particular body parts, thereby calming your mind.

5. Corpse Pose

This is another best pose of yoga for depression! It releases stress and takes you to a deep meditative position. Helps in rejuvenating and refreshing you, it is also great to cope up with the problem of Vata Dosha, which causes depression.

To make the most of your yoga session, it is advised to practice the Corpse pose at the end. This way, it will give you all the rest your mind and body need.

Yoga for Depression – Start Today!

Depression can’t be treated in a day or two. It may need long-term treatment. So, if you are planning to get relief from depression with the help of yoga, make sure to practice poses of yoga for depression on regular basis.

Need assistance to start your yoga practice?

If you are a yoga beginner and don’t know much about doing various yoga poses for depression, you can join a yoga school and learn how to do yoga for depression.

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