Diet Plan After Yoga
What Is The Best Diet Plan After Yoga?

Yoga is much more than a series of body postures you practice at a studio or institute. It is a philosophy and lifestyle to help you connect with the deeper dimensions of the universe. One of the tenets of yoga is following the right diet plan after yoga session. You might wonder why yogis follow a strict yoga diet devoid of all stimulants. For starters, a yoga diet helps balance the inner energies and make inner peace your new reality.

If you are practicing yoga as a beginner, you might be tempted to take the path of clean eating. Remember, deciding to follow a yogic diet is one thing and following that path is a completely different story. It is important you first understand what exactly comprises of a yogic diet.

Yogic Diet – In Brief

A yogic diet focuses on consuming natural and unprocessed food items to help you evolve on a mental, physical, and spiritual basis. This diet consists of Sattvic food items that exclude all stimulants and chemically-prepared food items.

Do you know there are three elements in a yogic diet? Read further to know about these three major elements in detail.


Before you ask ‘what to eat after yoga’ remember Ahimsa or non-violence plays a considerable part in yogic diet. This aspect of the yogic diet states that all living beings are connected and the world is a better place if you do not hurt another living being. You can follow this principle by avoiding the consumption of meat and dairy products.


The practice of purity and cleanliness in the yogic diet is known as Saucha. One of the easiest ways for you to follow this principle is doing away with chemically-prepared and processed food items. Organic food items are free of any chemicals and you can consume these to practice Saucha in the yoga diet.


Sattva, also known as the state of equanimity is an integral part of the yogic diet. If you combine a Sattvic diet with regular yoga practice, it keeps your mind calm and sharper. You should include fresh fruits, mild spices, and vegetables.

However, you must know what food to eat after yoga, and that without a doubt includes Sattvic food items. Let us find out what you can consume in yoga diet.

Sattvic Diet – In Brief

A Sattvic diet as per yoga philosophy is plant-based with complete focus on the consumption of organic and natural fruits. You consume grains, wheat, vegetables, and fruits grown under natural conditions and not containing any pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Sattvic food items are light, nourishing, and promote joy and contentment. These keep your body and mind clear and sharp.

For you to follow a proper yoga diet, all you need to do is include certain Sattvic food items in your daily diet. Read further to know what these are.

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Sattvic Food Items – Best Diet Plan After Yoga

Given below are three Sattvic food items you should combine with your yoga practice.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are packed with precious prana energy and rich in antioxidants. For you as a yogi, fresh fruits make up 50% of your daily diet. Every fruit devoid of artificial chemicals and grown in nature is a Sattvic food item. Minimize frozen and dried fruits and change them for fresh and seasoned fruits.


If you want to know what is the best diet for yoga, it is undoubtedly honey. Just make sure you consume honey that is raw and free of any preservatives. It is an excellent food item for a yoga diet as it detoxifies your body and is easier to digest. The ancient art of Ayurveda recommends you intake honey with cold water.

Fresh Vegetables

A majority of vegetables come under the ambit of Sattvic food items. For example, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, and beets all come under the yoga diet category. However, avoid consuming turnip, radishes, garlic, onion, and chilies. You should consume fresh vegetable juice that is a good replacement for soda and diet coke.

Are There Any Foods To Avoid?

Since following a yogic lifestyle requires you to let go of everything processed and artificially prepared, you must avoid stimulating foods and drinks that fall under the ambit of Rajasic food.

You should also cut off Tamasic food items that consist of rotten and impure things as these cause heaviness and make you mentally and physically lethargic.


Yoga goes beyond just the physical practice of asanas. It also takes into account your spiritual and mental development. Make sure you follow the diet plan after yoga mentioned above to reap the full benefits of this sacred art.

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