Yoga Backbends – The Best Yogic Way to Kickstart Your Day
Yoga Backbends – The Best Yogic Way to Kickstart Your Day

Checking out their social media profile is a way for many to kickstart their day. Some prefer to go for a early morning walk to get the “feel good” hormones flowing. Are you too looking for the best way to kickstart your day with energy and enthusiasm?

How about doing some yoga backbends and let those good vibes flow? Yoga experts have come up with the complete guide to help you understand this yogic way to good health.

First, let us focus a bit on the basics.

What are Yoga Backbends?

The yoga backbends are one of the main components of yoga poses. Doing these opens up your front body. It also improves the flexibility of your lumbar and thoracic spine. But you have to maintain a balance of quantity and intensity of Forward Bending yoga asanas.

Sitting all day on the desk with minimal activity – Is this your job? It will be a bit hard for you to practice yoga backbends. Not to worry! There are many yoga backbend poses you can practice. Join a certified yoga school to learn them from experienced yoga teachers.

But, before you get a yoga mat to do these yoga poses there are a few steps you should follow.

Steps to Prepare Your Body for Yoga Backbends

The yoga backbends strengthen your body. But these also compress the spine and put too much pressure on your lower back. Plus, these move your body in the opposite direction than you do.

This is why yoga experts recommend that you follow 2 important steps to prepare the body for these.

1. Stretch the Hip Flexors

  • Start with the Downward-Facing Dog pose. Extend your right leg in the upward direction.

  • Rotate your thigh inwards and step the foot between your hands.

  • Keep your back knee down onto the yoga mat with a slight inner rotation of your thigh and foot pointed.

  • Keep both hands on your front thigh. Push it away from you to lengthen the front body.

Now, there are a few steps to remember:

  • Push your pinky toe of the left foot onto the yoga mat.

  • Move the left hip bone towards the right knee. Do not twist the knee or shoulders.

  • Push the right knee forward.

  • Move your right sitting bone towards the right heel.

  • Pull your pubic bone up.

  • Lengthen your side body by lifting your shoulders up and back.

  • Raise your chin up. Lengthen your neck.

  • Push the left foot further down till your left knee feels light.

  • Elevate your heart up.

2. Bend to the Side

From the Downward-Facing Dog step your right leg between the hands. Place your left knee on the ground. Bend your body to the sides to prepare for the yoga backbends.

  • Lift your left arm up. Place this hand onto the back of your head.

  • Rotate your arm. .i.e Move the elbow close to your head.

  • Keep your right hand onto the right thigh. Push the thigh away from you.

  • Bend to the side by bringing your elbow further towards your face.

  • Lift your left shoulder up.

  • Push your armpit back.

  • Push your elbow away from your body.

Following these guidelines not only help you perform yoga backbends with ease. This will also open up a world of benefits for you.

Benefits of Yoga Backbends

  • Improves body balance

  • Lengthens the spine

  • Improves your flexibility

  • Improves mobility

  • Improves body posture

  • Relieves tension, tightness, and pain

  • Releases energy stored in spine

  • Stimulates and open Heart chakra

To reap these benefits you have to practice the right yoga backbends. Yoga experts have come up with a few easy ones for you to do.

Yoga Backbends to Start Your Day

Given below are some of the best yoga backbends you can do with ease.

  • Cobra Pose

  • Bridge Pose

  • Bow Pose

  • Locust Pose

  • Cat-Cow Pose

  • Upward-Facing Dog Pose

  • Sphinx Pose

  • Reverse Tabletop Pose

  • Melting Heart Pose

  • Fish Pose

  • Extended Puppy Pose

A certified yoga teacher can help you learn and practice yoga backbends with ease. Make sure you learn it from a Yoga Alliance certified RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher).


Do you want to improve spinal flexibility and mobility? Time has come for you to enroll in a certified yoga school and learn yoga backbends from experienced yoga teachers.

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