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Yoga for Weight Loss – Know The Secret Here

With time, yoga for weight loss has garnered a huge fan following around the world. Apart from helping individuals work on their flexibility and postures, it offers a host of benefits to the person on a mental and physical level.

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, but still, there is an air of mystery as to how can it help an individual achieve inner peace, tranquility, and good health.

Let us begin by diving a bit deep into the mystery behind the origins of yoga.

Yoga for Weight Loss – The Mysterious Origins

The art of Yoga is so old, that no one knows its exact date of origin.

Legends in Hinduism state that Lord Shiva was the first yogi who shared his knowledge with the seven sages, who were known as the Saptarishis, and told them to spread the word about this ancient art.

The very word Yoga originated first in the Hindu sacred texts Vedas, particularly Rig Veda. Yoga comes from the ancient word Yuj, which means to unite.

Yoga helps the individual in bringing together mind, body, and soul to increase focus and live a more blissful life in a chaotic world. On an individual basis, it can be either the union of the body and mind or the union of breathing with how the body responds.

Moreover, the various postures also help the individual with fat loss without any side effects.

Modern Solution to Weight Problems – Yoga Retreat

In other words, the modern-day individual can utilize yoga for weight loss as well as for remaining safe of a majority of health issues.

However, it is better to learn from the masters who have years of experience and knowledge to guide the individual in the right way to start a healthy lifestyle with yoga.

We are talking about going to a specialized yoga retreat to practice the best yoga for weight loss without failure.

Why Practice Yoga for Weight Loss at a Retreat?

Why Practice Yoga for Weight Loss at a Retreat?

For one, India is a land of spirituality, which has always attracted the attention of western nations. The stories of mystics who lived for thousands of years, the legend of Lord Shiva who could go into meditation for centuries, and others have always fascinated the world.

The yoga for weight loss at a yoga retreat not only gives the individual a chance to delve deeper into their psyche but also live right in the lap of nature.

The journey to effective fat loss will take on a whole new meaning under the tutelage of highly knowledgeable yoga teachers.

With that said, there are three major reasons why visiting a yoga retreat is worth both time and money.

Learning From the Masters

Yoga is often the best alternative to gyms and sports. It places more emphasis on physical perspiration as well as breath control. The art of yoga provides an individual with a chance to transcend physical limitations and experience what a blissful life actually is.

No one knows how this new routine might help the person lose that extra weight along with starting a healthy lifestyle. There is no better alternative to fat loss than a week or two at a reputed yoga retreat.

Chance to Broaden Perspectives

A yoga retreat offers the person much more than the practice of yoga for weight loss. It provides the person with a different perspective towards the Indian culture with traditional dishes and entertainment.

It also provides the person a chance to meet people from other countries, which helps in broadening their perspective. The individual gets a support group to help them move through this journey of fat loss with others of a similar mindset.

yoga for weight loss

Detox At Its Best

Be it an escape from the hustle-bustle of the city life or overcoming an intense emotional experience, yoga retreats offer you the best way to get away from the hectic life and concentrate on what matters most.

The goal of fat loss becomes a relaxing experience away from the chaos and noise and amidst nature. When the individual’s body and mind are in a state of relaxation, it is much easier to shed that extra weight.

The Dilemma of Weight Gain and How Yoga Can Help

We have heard this often – The Human Body is a complex machine with different systems performing different tasks. It goes without a doubt that this machine will require the utmost maintenance to function properly.

Before we dive into the hazards of unhealthy fat gain, we want every individual to picture this scenario.

A person wakes up at 7 in the morning and consumes fatty foods as pizza before leaving for the office. Now, keep in mind the individual returns home in the evening and has their daily dose of diet soda and fries for light snacks and dinner.

Fast forward to another 5 years and we are sure yoga for weight loss would be what they will search online to get rid of the excess fat.

Those who believe that “having a little tummy fat looks good” will definitely have a reason to worry. We are talking about a host of severe health issues, which would follow with this unnecessary weight gain.

Gaining fat from all the oily foods and unhealthy lifestyle choices might seem fun at the moment, but the process of fat loss is another story.

Weight loss becomes a distant dream with such poor eating habits and lifestyle choices.

Let us now understand how that extra weight affects the different systems of the body. We will also provide advantages of yoga and how it can help keep each system healthy.

Why Practice Yoga for Weight Loss for The Nervous System

Without any doubt, overweight individuals are at a greater risk of stroke, which occurs as a result of the blood not reaching the brain. It also wreaks havoc on the mental health of the individual, as it leads to an increased risk of depression, and severe body image issues.

Those who are new to this concept of doing certain movements to achieve fat loss should know it takes both dedication and concentration.

It is here that yoga for weight loss can help the person stay fit and enjoy a healthy life.

The Reasons for Yoga for Weight Loss for The Digestive System

A heavy individual will always remain at an increased risk of Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease, which causes the stomach acid to leak into the esophagus. Also, Gallstones are also a result of being overweight, and these often require surgery.

Many individuals also suffer from liver failure and scar tissue, both of which are serious health issues. It is a good idea to do some yoga for weight loss to keep the digestive system healthy and running.

Yoga for Weight Loss for Healthy Muscular and Skeletal System

Overweight is also the culprit behind decreasing bone density and muscle mass. Overweight leads to an increased risk of fractures, and poor overall health.

In other words, an individual with too much weight will always be at an increased risk of putting too much pressure on the joints, which will be a constant reason for pain.

However, practicing yoga for weight loss will definitely help the individual in getting rid of unnecessary weight and have healthy joints and muscles.

Breathe Easy with Yoga for Weight Loss for Respiratory System

Too much fat around the neck area causes airways to become small, which makes it difficult for the person to breathe, especially at night time. The condition, known as sleep apnea can make it harder for the individual to relax at night.

Individuals suffering from this issue should try yoga for weight loss to regain that good night’s sleep without any issue.

Yoga for Weight Loss for Cardiovascular and Endocrine System

Cardiovascular and Endocrine systems play a vital role inside the human body. These include some of the most important body organs including the heart.

Those with unnecessary weight often suffer from blood pressure or hypertension, as the heart has to work harder to pump the blood in the body. High blood pressure is also the leading cause of stroke.

Insulin, a hormone responsible for providing sugar from the blood to the cells for energy is important to keep the body functioning. Weight gain makes the person’s body resistant to insulin, which causes the cells to not intake sugar and leads to high blood sugar.

As a result, the individual gets Type-2 Diabetes, which brings a host of health issues including kidney and heart disease. It is just the tip of the iceberg for those following a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, not to forget not doing any physical activity to stay fit.

Practicing yoga for weight loss on a daily basis with the right diet and lifestyle will help an individual keep both systems working without fail.

In other words, achieving weight loss is not that easy to achieve especially with too much fat.

Apart from how this issue affects the different bodily systems of the individual, below are the health issues that crop up with unnecessary weight gain.

Problems with Breathing

Needless to say that an overweight body will put more pressure on the lungs when the individual is jogging, brisk walking or running.

The lungs are unable to expand fully to let the air in, which makes the person tired even while climbing stairs.

Without a doubt, the individual will either develop Asthma or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), both of which make it harder for the person to breathe even normally.

The yoga for weight loss offers individuals the best way to avoid this situation without lifting any unnecessary weights or hefty membership of a health club.

It is imperative that one adapts to a new and healthy lifestyle to make weight loss a reality.



Too much weight always affects the joints of the body, thereby creating problems with movement.

Cartilage works to protect the end of the bones, which does not cause any pain or stiffness. On the contrary, unnecessary weight loss will put pressure on the joints and the cartilage, which can also lead to the condition of inflammation.

Regular sessions of yoga for weight loss under the guidance of an expert Yoga Guru can help the person prevent this condition.


The more unnecessary weight an individual has on their belly, the higher the risk of the individual suffering from the flare.

We are talking about Gout caused by building up of uric acid inside the body, thereby leading to the formation of needle-like crystals, which hurt the knee and ankles.

The person can avert the risk at the earliest by practicing yoga for weight loss, which will take care of the unnecessary weight.

Weight loss is a must for those suffering from this condition, as it can become a severe medical condition over time.

Issues with Pregnancy

Expectant mothers with unnecessary weight gain are at a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes. They are also vulnerable to Preeclampsia, which is a dangerously high blood pressure that puts both the mother and the unborn baby at risk.

The mother would have to undergo a C-Section birth, and the child is more likely to be having a brain and spinal cord problems or be stillborn.

Finding an experienced yoga guru with the knowledge of yoga for weight loss will help the mother keep herself and the child safe at this crucial moment.

Yoga for Weight Loss is Here to Save the Day!

Individuals practicing yoga for weight loss not only shed those extra pounds but also improve overall health. Yoga helps in uniting the mind, body, and spirit; which helps the individual in feeling refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the day.

The individual also gets many other benefits including improved respiratory function, more energy, better muscle tone, and easy stress management. Now, combine a healthy diet with yoga and you have the perfect recipe for a healthy lifestyle.

For those new to the concept of doing yoga for weight loss, it is imperative they know a combination of healthy eating and exercise is the number one solution to losing extra fat.

First, let us begin by understanding the different forms of yoga for fat loss.

Best Yoga Type for Losing Weight

Those looking to start yoga for the burning of the maximum fat should choose a beginner-level class with the vinyasa yoga.

The Vinyasa yoga starts with simple yoga for weight loss postures like sun salutations, but shifts to deep stretches and back-bends.

Some of the popular forms of Vinyasa yoga, which will help one lose weight include:

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga

Those practicing Ashtanga Yoga are some of the most accomplished yogis. It starts with a set series of movements, which the individual can learn and practice anywhere. Ashtanga Yoga is the best yoga for weight loss form to practice for those who can break a sweat.

It is a hard yet effective method for anyone looking to find a solution for irritating fat loss.

Hot Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga done inside a heated room is bound to make anyone sweat and lose those extra pounds. The individual needs to be clear about the difference between Bikram and Hot Yoga, as the former is a scripted Yoga practice by its founder Bikram Choudhury.

However, both Hot and Bikram Yoga can help the individual lose weight from all the right places.

Power Yoga

The most popular yoga for weight loss found at gyms and health clubs is the Power Yoga. It works by building up heat and the intensity using a fixed series of yoga poses.

It is time we look at the different yoga postures to get rid of the unnecessary fat.

Yoga for Weight Loss – The Best Postures to Get Rid of Extra

With that said, it is time to know the best yoga postures for those looking to lose some weight.

Virabhadrasana (The Warrior Pose)

The Warrior Pose in the yoga for weight loss is the best one to follow for toning the thighs, and shoulders. It also does wonders to help with concentration. Virabhadrasana is the best option for those looking to get tight quads.

Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)

Those looking to increasing the bodily strength along with improving the digestive system can utilize the power of Sarvangasana. The asana is the best yoga for weight loss postures for taking care of the thyroid levels and improving metabolism.

The asana also works wonders on the person’s upper body, abdominal, and leg muscles.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Individuals looking for the best yoga posture to lose unnecessary tummy fat should definitely try the Dhanurasana. It works by massaging the abdominal muscles, provides power to thighs, and back.

The Dhanurasana stretches the whole body, which also helps in improving circulation. Individuals looking to practice yoga for weight loss can definitely gain a lot by doing this particular asana.

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)

Surya Namaskar does a lot more than just provide the person with a general warm-up. The asana works to get the blood flowing and helps in toning every muscle of the body including the waist.

In other words, this particular yoga for weight loss asana is the best option for those searching to lose a few pounds.

That is not all, we will now share complete information on how the Power Yoga, which is a sub-branch of yoga can also help the person in losing weight.

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Individuals looking for the best yoga for weight loss posture to better the digestive system should try the Trikonasana. It works wonders for reducing belly and waist fat. The Trikonasana provides better blood circulation in the body and develops the thighs and hamstring muscles.

It also helps the individual by helping them in improving balance and concentration.

Chaturangadasana (The Plank Pose)

Those looking to work on their core should do the Chaturangadasana, which offers many benefits including defined abdominal muscles.

The individual should try this yoga for weight loss posture for reducing abdominal fat.

Power Yoga for Weight Loss

Power Yoga, as the name suggests has its roots in Ashtanga Yoga, which is a bit hard form of yogic practices.

Each of the asanas in this particular form of yoga for weight loss creates internal heat and provides more flexibility to the individual.

The major benefits of Power yoga include increased metabolism, better concentration, and building of strength and stamina.

With that said, it is time to know how some of the poses of Power Yoga can help the person in weight loss.


Works on the extra fat on the stomach and surrounding region.


Known as the Eagle Pose, it is the best option for weight loss for those looking to get thinner thighs, legs, hands, and arms.


Navasana is the best yoga for weight loss posture in Power Yoga, as it concentrates on all the major muscles of the body.


Also known as the Cobra Pose, it is the best option for those looking to tone their abdominal muscles.

It makes it easier for the individual to achieve the goal of weight loss.

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