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Yoga for Weight Loss

Due to poor lifestyles and bad eating habits, most people remain harassed by the overweight problem. Having overweight often brings along various other diseases like diabetes, depression, blood pressure, heart disease, back or joint pain, arthritis, etc. It is always said that a daily yoga practice can help practitioners feel less stressed and have better sleep. But, the benefits are not limited to this much. There are many more benefits of doing yoga ranging from reducing weight to healing pains. Yes, you read it right! By doing yoga for weight loss, one can get rid of the overweight problem, resulting in a relaxed and fit body.

Can you lose weight with yoga?

Well, the answer is ‘YES! You can! Researches show that, with a regular practice of yoga and following a healthy diet, one can lose weight. It not only boosts flexibility and increases focus but is also great for burning fat. Along with shedding some calories and pounds, you will also feel the change in your emotional and overall health by doing yoga for weight loss.

How We Can Help You Lose Weight?

Change Your Mind

We’ll help you change the lifestyle and behavioural patterns that may have bucked up you to put on weight or obstructed you from losing it. Our weight loss yoga sessions will include various sessions tailored to meet your needs and body requirements – Joining Yoga for Fitness Center, you might learn how to control food cravings, realize how temper affects hungriness or surmount your causing to overeat.

Eat Healthily

Our freshly prepared meals are provided to students as per their dietary requirements. Yoga teachers will encourage you for conscious eating, for ensuring you enjoy your meals with us and never have cravings to overeat again and again.

Body Movements

We will help you reduce weight with various weight loss yoga sessions in which you’ll be inspired to work at your own pace, the yoga poses will be modified according to the fitness level of a person, so don’t feel stressed or uncomfortable. With the yoga for weight loss exercises, we may include other relaxing classes for you so that you feel comfortable and refreshed during your yoga practice. The classes can range from yoga for stress to yoga for spiritual healing.

Time for Self-love and Self-study

Taking time for ourselves is as important as moving and thinking, so we will be offering plenty of time for rest and relaxation. You can also book nature excursions or local sight-seeing to connect with the beauty of Himalayas and get familiar with the culture of India.

We, at Yoga India Fitness, believe that a healthy mind and a healthy body is an adage for those who value their well-being. We offer you pranayama, yoga, and meditation sessions woven together with a nutritious diet plan to help restore and re-balance your entire system, thereby providing a holistic health and wellness experience that stays with you.

Why Choose Us For Learning Corepower Yoga for Weight Loss

If you are thinking that how can you lose weight with yoga, then worry not! We’ve got you covered.

Our Weight Loss Yoga sessions combine not only various poses of yoga and activity programs but also visits to stunning surroundings, availability of delicious food, and much more to make you feel relaxed and motivated while doing the weight loss yoga practices. Our dedicated and expert team of yoga teachers will help make your weight loss yoga retreat experience perfect and satisfactory.

We are committed to providing quality yoga knowledge without any social-economical discrimination. We do try to make Yoga sessions a comfortable and enjoyable activity for students joining us to learn yoga for weight loss, yoga for spiritual healing, yoga for depression, and other programs. You can have comfy accommodation, great food, and other needed facilities for a homelike and delightful stay with us. Our approach towards yoga is not only holistic and all-inclusive but also non-competitive.

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Who Can Join Our Yoga for Weight Loss Fitness Yoga Class?

The Yoga classes can be joined by people of all ages, sizes, shapes, and fitness levels. Weight loss yoga exercises will be guided by keeping the health factors and other conditions of an individual to help him/her change habits and develop healthy lifestyle skills.

No matter whether you are a beginner at yoga or have some experience, you will certainly be benefited from doing yoga. Just in case you are worried about doing yoga seeing your health conditions, we do offer yoga for weight loss for beginners program. It helps you first get familiar with various poses and then progress your skills by daily practising them.

By having guidelines from our experienced instructors, one can lose weight with yoga. With the harmonious combination of traditional and modern yoga types and techniques, our yoga for weight loss for beginners course is suitable for people new to yoga. If a student is having more potential, then he/she can also jump to advance classes as per his/her body needs.

Although some yoga poses require a little practice, many yoga poses for weight loss are simple and can be started right away. If you want to get familiar with the poses of Corepower yoga for weight loss for beginners, then you can start with:

Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners

Warrior Pose: Improves your balance along with toning your legs, arms, and back. Great to reduce belly and waist fast and improve digestion.

Plank Pose: Including this yoga pose to your daily yoga routine, we assure you can strengthen the core of your body.

Bridge Pose: Doing the pose on daily basis, you can reduce your belly fat as well as strengthen your muscles.

Boat Pose: This is also one of the best yoga poses for losing weight. It too helps you tone your abs. It is also effective to cut down belly fat and give strength to the upper and lower body.

Chair Pose: This pose can help you lose weight with yoga. It works best for the arms, chest and shoulders. You can get rid of belly fat and tone your knees, legs, and thighs by doing it. It is advised that all the poses of yoga for weight loss for beginners listed here should be practised in a proper manner. For understanding the sequence and flow of these all poses, it is better to practice them under the guidance of an expert teacher. This way, you can lose weight with yoga.

Prerequisites & Rules You Need to Follow

No matter whether you are joining our centre to attend yoga for weight loss for beginners program or looking to train yourself in the art of weight loss yoga, during your stay – you need to follow some basic rules and regulations. Also, there are some requirements at the end of a student that should be considered before enrolling on a yoga program.

  • No prior qualification is required. You only need an open mindset and a profound desire to transform your life by shedding extra pounds.
  • Be on time for all weight loss yoga classes.
  • Any type of audio, video recording or photography is not permitted.
  • You will not be allowed to use your technical devices while doing yoga sessions.
  • Smoking, drugs, non-veg meals, and alcohol are not allowed during the weight loss yoga program.
  • A student must intimate in advance if he/she intends to skip a meal so that there is no wastage of food.
  • Discipline is an integral part of the yoga program. Thus, the course routine must be strictly observed.
  • Any activity that is not related to the yoga course is not permitted.
  • Practitioners must follow the discipline of the yoga classes.
  • You must co-operate with teachers and other staff serving our centre.
  • It is compulsory for students to attend all classes. Exceptions would be in case of illness.
  • Before departure from our yoga school, students must clear all dues and return all library books (If have any).


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