Guide to Yoga Horse Face Pose
Guide to Yoga Horse Face Pose

The ancient art of yoga has everything to help you enjoy good health. Whether you want to become flexible or gain muscle strength, there is a yoga technique available for both. There are also many yoga asanas like the Mountain, Tree, and Warrior pose that can bring you overall health. But, Yoga Horse Face pose is the one that stands out from the rest.

Do you know what the Horse Face pose is? What is the right technique to practice it? Yoga experts have come up with the guide to help you learn that.

Let us first understand a bit about this yoga asana.

What is the Yoga Horse Face Pose?

The Sanskrit name for Yoga Horse Face pose is Vatayanasana. This is a classical Ashtanga yoga series pose. It looks like a combination of the Garudasana (Eagle Pose) and Ardha Padmasana (Half Lotus Pose). This yoga pose balances your quads, glutes, and inner thigh muscles. To practice this yoga pose, you need to develop a certain level of flexibility in your body. A certified yoga teacher can help you achieve that level of flexibility without any hassle.

Do you know what the word “Vatayanasana” means? You will find the answer in the information below.

Vatayanasana – The Meaning

Vatayana is the Sanskrit name for Horse.

Alternatively, in Sanskrit, the word Vata refers to air and Yana refers to vehicle. But, in yogic practices the word Vatayana means “flying horse”. This is why some yoga practitioners also call it as the Flying Horse pose.

Your body limbs make the shape of a horse in the Vatayanasana. A little observation helps you understand that in this pose:

When you fold the knee in Half Lotus pose, it looks like a Horse’s nose.

Your wrapped arms, head, and chest form the shape of a horse’s upper half.

This yoga asana is all about balancing your body with a folded knee and one foot. It creates a little pressure on your thigh, knee, and ankle. This helps you develop strength in leg muscles and knee joints. A certified yoga teacher can help you learn Yoga Horse Face pose with ease.

Now, let us take a look at how you can practice this yoga asana with ease.

Steps to Practice Horse Face Pose

Sit on the yoga mat. Place your left foot on the right thigh.

Keep your left foot close to the hip crease.

Keep both hands by the sides with palms on the mat.

Exhale. Lift your torso off the floor.

Touch the rotated left knee on the floor.

Keep your right foot forward. Place your right heel near the left.

Keep your right thigh parallel to the floor.

Inhale. Straighten your back.

Stretch your pelvis forward. Lift both hands to the chest level.

Bend your elbows. Cross them so the right elbow lies in crook of the left elbow.

Entwine the forearms. Join both palms together.

Hold this position for 30 seconds. Maintain steady breathing.

Release your arms. Straighten your legs.

But, for you, to do the Yoga Horse Face pose with ease there are a few precautions to keep in mind.

Precautions for Horse Face Pose

Yoga experts have come up with 4 precautions to help you practice this yoga asana with safety.

Do this asana with proper alignment and body posture.

Align both the hips. Draw them under you by compressing the Sacroiliac joint.

Practice this yoga pose under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher.

Practice the Yoga Horse Face pose with the help of a yoga partner.

Following these precautions while doing this yoga pose opens up a world of benefits for you.

Benefits of Yoga Horse Face Pose

Given below are 3 major health benefits of the Yoga Horse Face pose.

1. Improved Circulation

This yoga asana improves the blood circulation in your lower body. A certified yoga school can help you enjoy this benefit of the flying horse pose.

2. Improved Flexibility

This yoga pose helps release all the pent-up tension from your body. The stretching you do in Yoga Horse Face pose is of an advanced level. This provides your muscles with more flexibility.

3. Improved Body Posture

The Yoga Horse Face pose focuses on the lower body. This is one yoga asana that requires deeper involvement of your hips and legs. Daily practice of this yoga asana can improve minor asymmetry in your hips and legs.


The Yoga Horse Face pose is an effective yoga asana to improve your overall body strength. Join a certified yoga school to learn and practice this yoga pose under the guidance of yoga experts

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