Yin Yoga Training For Yoga Beginners
Yoga Pro’s Guide To Yin Yoga Training For Yoga Beginners

Yoga has been a part of numerous cultures around the world for centuries. This ancient art has helped millions of spiritual seekers connect with their true selves. Whether you are feeling anxious or a little low, one hour of yoga practice can help you get rid of multiple physical and mental health issues. With time, many yoga styles evolved which made yoga a household name. One of these styles is Yin Yoga. If you want to learn more about this style, enroll in yin yoga training.

Yin Yoga is a style of yoga with its roots in the ancient yogic texts of Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Taoist teachings from China and Taiwan. Do you know there are two different aspects of this yoga style? On one side, you have Yin which targets your deep connective tissues, on the other hand, there is Yang which focuses more on your muscles. To help you understand this yoga style easily, yoga experts have come up with a guide on Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga – A Brief Intro

The yin yoga practice targets your deep connective tissues like the joints, bones, fascia, and ligaments. Yin yoga is a slow-paced and meditative style of yoga that helps you look inwards and sense the physical sensations in your body.

You have to hold a yin yoga asana for a longer period, it is how yin yoga stretches and lengthens the connective tissues in your body. Moreover, you also learn to breathe through the yoga session and be comfortable with your thoughts.

Remember, the practice of yin yoga is based on ancient Chinese philosophy that serves as a pathway to the sacred Qi energy. The stretching of connective tissues opens up any blockages that prevent the smooth flow of this energy. You should enroll in a yin yoga training to learn everything about this wonderful and effective yoga style.

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How Long Do I Have To Remain in a Yin Yoga Pose?

During a yin yoga session, you hold a yin yoga pose for 1 to 3 minutes. You can use yoga props like bolsters and blankets to help your body get comfortable with the practice. However, during a rigorous practice session, you might have to engage your muscles and use strength to hold onto different yin yoga poses.

To help you do yin yoga without facing any hurdles, there are a few effective tips.

4 Tips to Make the Most of Yin Yoga Training

Yin yoga is a slow-paced yoga style. However, the goal is not to use muscular exertion but to easily move from one yoga pose to the next by putting a little stress on your connective tissues.

Keeping the last statement in mind, given below are four powerful tips to help you complete the yin yoga training without a hiccup.

1. Use Props

For your body’s connective tissues to relax and open up, your body has to be comfortable and support every yin yoga pose. Yoga instructors recommend you should utilize the available yoga props like bolsters and blankets to ease into the pose.

2. Transition Slowly

Remember, yin yoga is about slow-paced body movement. Hence, the longer you remain in a yin yoga pose, the more your body naturally opens up. Let gravity do the work and do not push yourself beyond what feels comfortable. You should enroll in certified yin yoga training in Rishikesh to learn the best yin yoga poses.

3. Do Not Rush Out

As a beginner, you might find yin yoga more challenging than other yoga styles. Don’t worry, it takes some practice before you can resist the urge to fidget or move when holding a pose becomes a bit hard. However, yoga experts recommend you should focus on breathing and coming out of the pose in a slow manner.

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4. Move Slow

For someone attending a yin yoga training as a beginner, make sure you build up your practice of yin yoga poses a bit slowly. For example, first, try holding a pose for 2 minutes and then slowly work your way up to 5 minutes.


Yin yoga might be a slow-paced yoga style, but it does offer some impressive health benefits. You should join a certified yin yoga training to experience the life-changing benefits of this yoga style.

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