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Yoga Teacher Training Courses: Types, Scope & Eligibility

There are hundreds of yoga teacher training courses available. However, not everything will add value to your life. Hence, you need to find the right yoga course to enhance your yoga journey.

Let’s roll further to learn which are the different types of yoga teacher training courses you can join. Also, make sure you choose a registered Yoga Alliance school to join these courses. Keep reading.

Types of Yoga Teacher Training Courses

200 Hour YTT

Also known as 200 hour yoga teacher training, the 200 hour YTT course is the most basic one. It is the first step that you can take to master yoga.

When you join 200 hour YTT, you get familiar with various elements of yoga. Hence, you gain knowledge about different dimensions of your life. Moreover, practicing yoga helps you have a better connection with your body.

Scope: Joining a 200 hour YTT teaches you everything about yoga, however, on a surface level. The quest is to make you familiar with the yoga world so that you can understand the concepts of yoga much better.

Eligibility: There is no basic eligibility of any sort to join this course. Any person from any part of the world can join this course without any knowledge of yoga.

300 Hour YTT

It is the second step in your yoga journey. 300 hour YTT is perfect for intermediate yoga practitioners. Not just that, those who have completed 200 hour YTT can also join this course.

You become familiar with complex yoga poses, learn about yoga philosophy, and how to inculcate yoga practice into your life. Furthermore, you learn about teaching methodology to become a certified yoga teacher.

Scope: 300 hour YTT helps you become a certified yoga teacher along with having a thorough understanding of yogic practices.

Eligibility: Many Yoga Alliance registered schools want a basic 200 hour YTT course if you want to join a 300 hour YTT. However, many witness your yoga potential before allowing you to join this course. But, you must have a few years of experience to join this course.

500 Hour YTT

It is one of the most advanced yoga courses that take your yoga journey to the next level. 500 Hour YTT moves to the plain of spirituality while helping you out mentally and physically.

Furthermore, it is perfect for people who want to open a yoga academy or school. Hence, it nurtures a deep sense of connection with yourself. Not just that, you learn about every pint of detail of yogic practices.

Scope: 500 hour YTT teaches you everything and opens doors to every possibility after the completion of the course. You get to collaborate with different merchandising companies, become an influencer, open a yoga school or academy, and much more. Also, you gain a title of a master.

Eligibility: Every registered yoga school needs you to have 200 hour or 300 hour YTT courses. Moreover, some even want you to have both or either of the yoga teacher training courses.

Apart from the above-mentioned Yoga Alliance certified courses, there are yoga retreats. Most commonly known as a spiritual healing retreat, these are like vacations. You go to a yoga destination, spend time in nature, and relax completely.

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned were the basic three yoga teacher training courses offered by the Yoga Alliance. However, there are still many that are for a specific group of people. For instance, Pre-Natal yoga is for pregnant women, yoga for seniors, yoga for children, and much more.

Hence, you must have an in-depth about each element of yoga so that you end up in the right place. Moreover, yoga teacher training courses should align with your goal in mind. Otherwise, it is just about wasting time and money.

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