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Yoga vs Gym: Which One Should You Go For?

Are you confused about whether you should practice yoga or go for a workout in a gym? Relax! You are not alone. Every beginner faces such confusion very often. Some get influenced by great yoga masters having toned physiques with amazing functional strength. Whereas, some are impressed with bulky physiques and a strong body. Here are some key elements to solve yoga vs gym confusion. Keep reading.

Different Elements of Yoga vs Gym

Functional Strength

It means that the strength your body has to do everyday tasks without any inconvenience. Practicing yoga requires your body weight alone. On the other hand, the gym uses different machines and additional weights.

Functional Strength

So, yoga practice helps you have more natural strength. When it comes to the gym, you become good at picking weight. However, yoga practice helps you become good at carrying your weight with much ease and confidence. Therefore, your goal helps you solve yoga vs gym confusion.

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Do you feel pain in your joints? If yes, you might not be able to work out in the gym. However, you can practice yoga without any fear or inconvenience. Moreover, many yoga forms entirely focus on healing joint pain.


Various yoga poses massages your joints and helps in nourishing them with natural fluids. The gym includes lifting heavy weights that put additional pressure on your joints. Hence, yoga wins the yoga vs gym battle.


Yoga practice includes twisting and turning your body when you practice different yoga poses. There is no limit or restrictions when you practice yoga. However, the gym fails to provide any free movements. Moreover, you have to sacrifice your flexibility if you choose to work out in a gym.


Yoga practice improves the flexibility of your spine, increases your hip mobility, and heals joint pain. Also, practicing yoga improves the range of motion of your different joints. Thus, you become more flexible when you practice yoga.

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Mastering body

Controlling your body means you can lift or carry your body easily. That can only be attained when you practice yoga. Gym workouts are monotonous and require additional weights to gain strength. No matter you become strong with gym workouts. But yoga practice helps you much more with becoming a master of your body.

mastering body

Thus, you become resistant to various injuries since you are working out with your body alone. Moreover, you work on your ligaments, tendons, and muscle tissues that improves your overall strength. Thus, yoga wins in the yoga vs gym battle.

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You can practice yoga anywhere. Whereas you need a specific place to do a gym workout. You don’t need equipment since you work with your body. On the other hand, you need additional weight, rods, or machines to do the workout.

Therefore, yoga is much cheaper. All you need is a yoga mat. However, you need to take a gym membership to do a workout that could be very costly.

yoga vs gym

Is Yoga Better Than The Gym?

After inspecting the above-mentioned different elements of yoga vs gym, yoga is a clear winner in every aspect. Yoga practice has overall benefits and seems to lag in nothing. It is even good for your mental and spiritual growth.

Gym workout solely focuses on your physical dimension. But you can not do a gym workout if you are injured or have pain. Yoga on the other hand can be practiced to relieve chronic pain.

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Yoga vs gym is an ever-going debate. Yoga is winning by far from the gym with its ability to completely transform you. You can further join a yoga fitness center in Rishikesh to learn true yoga and clear all your basics of yoga.

Thus, you can make yoga practice your routine to align your mind, body, and spirit and live a fulfilling life.


Ques 1) Can I build muscle with yoga?

Ans) Yes! Building muscles with yoga is very easy. You do not need any extra equipment. Further, you can learn to master your bodyweight that can help you gain muscles. Moreover, it improves muscle quality and muscle maturity. 

Ques 2) Can I do both yoga and gym?

Ans) Absolutely yes! Practicing yoga and gym together can be beneficial for you. The gym can help you become strong with weights whereas yoga practice can help you remain lean and flexible.  Hence, you can work on your overall wellness when you combine yoga practice and gym. 

Ques 3) Is yoga good for weight loss?

Ans) Yes! Yoga practice is good for weight loss. There have been plenty of yoga poses sequences that raise your heartbeat and improve your blood circulation. You can also burn plenty of calories with consistent yoga practice. 

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